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Down by the riverside


Tul’yagmyut – “Related To Loon”

Located a short distance from the mighty Kuskokwim River, the village of Tuluksak sits along the bank of the Tuluksak River, about 35 miles northeast of Bethel. Its remote location makes it challenging to access for both people and supplies. During the summer, cargo barges deliver goods. There is a stateowned gravel airstrip that allows people and supplies to fly in and out of the community. Residents primarily rely on boats, skiffs and ATVs during the summer months, and snowmachines during the winter months.

The village was first documented in 1861, according to state records. The community was named Tul’yagmyut an Eskimo word meaning “related to loon.” According to an 1880 U.S. census, Tuluksak had a population of 150. The most recent census reported almost 400 people living in the community.

Tuluksak is a traditional Yup’ik Eskimo village. Many residents practice cultural traditions and most rely on a subsistence lifestyle including hunting and fishing. Commercial fishing is also a major source of income. Weather can be variable in the area, with plenty of rain and lots of snow in the winter; the average snowfall is four feet. Summer temperatures typically stay between 60 °F and 40 °F and winter temperatures can fall into the negatives.

The community is home to the Tuluksak School, hosting around 15 teachers and approximately 150 students, kindergarten through 12th grade. Students are taught the importance of their heritage. With a strong education foundation, Tuluksak hopes to remain grounded in its cultural values.

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