Village Profile

Anyaraq – “The place where it comes out”


“People of the stream’s mouth”

The coastal community of Paimiut is an area rich with fish. The community is located on Kokechik Bay, on the east side of the Lithkealik River, which flows into the Bering Sea. Lithkealik River takes its name from a pillar-like rock formation that resembles a person wearing a traditional hunting visor hat, or elqialaq.

First reported in 1951, Paimiut had two groups each containing two or three frame houses, about a quarter of a mile apart. It was previously reported there were two fulltime residents. It is only accessible by boat or float plane. In the winter it is accessible by snowmachine. Today, Paimiut is used as a seasonal camp for subsistence fishing by the nearby residents of Hooper Bay.

According to the State of Alaska, Paimiut falls within a transitional climate zone. A transitional climate zone contains tundra in addition to boreal forests. Paimut and the rest of the Askinuk Mountains are treeless tundra punctuated by outcrops of granitic rock called tors that have unusual and fantastic shapes resembling people, animals or objects. The climate creates weather patterns of long, cold winters and shorter, warm summers. Easterly winds during the winter cause severe wind chill factors. The average snowfall for the winter is about six feet. It rains about 16 inches annually. Temperatures fluctuate drastically between -25°F and 79°F.

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