Village Profile

Hooper Bay
Askinuk or Askinaghamiut

Nunam Iqua

“End of the tundra”

In Yup’ik, the word Nunam Iqua means “end of the tundra.” It is also the name of a village that rests on a south fork of the Yukon River near the Bering Sea in the Calista Region.

The village of Nunam Iqua – originally called Sheldon Point – was the site of summer fish camps for many generations, and was originally named after the owner of a fish saltery who operated on the site during the 1940s and 50s. In 1999 village residents voted to rename their home, choosing to have it known by the Yup’ik name Nunam Iqua.

A federally-recognized tribe, the Native Village of Sheldon Point is located in the community. Nunam Iqua is classified as an isolated village, and is accessible by boat, barge and plane during the summer and by snowmachine during winter months. It is located about nine miles south of Alakanuk and 18 miles southwest of Emmonak. The sale or importation of alcohol is prohibited, and residents rely primarily on commercial fishing and subsistence resources including salmon, beluga whale, seal moose and waterfowl.

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