Village Profile


Lime Village

Eastern-most village in the Calista Region

Lime Village is on the south bank of the Stony River, 50 miles from the Kuskokwim River junction. The village is just over 100 air miles south of McGrath and 185 miles west of Anchorage. Lime Village was one of the first Calista villages to receive all of its land entitlements.

The nearby hills are made of limestone, which is where Lime Village gets its name, and they have numerous caves. One of these caves contained bone microblade arrow points dating back over 10,000 years, some of the oldest documented human evidence in the Region and comparable to other early human sites in Alaska.

Lime Village is one of two original inland Athabascan villages in the Calista Region; the other village is Stony River. The Lime Village people are related to other bands who settled the Lake Clark area at Nondalton and the Dena’ina language with an inland dialect is spoken by Elders in both places.

The village has a fair amount of infrastructure with a school, clinic, power plant, and a water treatment facility, but when the Lime Village’s student body fell below 10 children in 2007 and it lost its school, several jobs and a few families had to move. Lime Village has faced other recent challenges including a house fire in 2008 and ice damage in 2002 to the washeteria which was then reopened in 2005. The people of Lime Village are known for their resourcefulness, generosity and strong traditional ways.

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