Village Profile


Kongiganak is situated on the Kuskokwim Bay, west of the mouth of the Kuskokwim River. Residents of Kwigillingok—a neighboring village—originally settled the site in the 1960s, when several groups relocated to the site to escape seasonal flooding. The surrounding area has traditionally been inhabited by Yup’ik Eskimos, who have utilized the region’s subsistence resources for thousands of years.

Almost half of the work force in Kongiganak works within the local school, Dick R. Kiunya Memorial, which is attended by about 140 students. Other employment opportunities in the village include commercial fishing, local retailers and village services. Subsistence is vital to residents, who supplement their incomes with hunting, fishing and gathering.

Kongiganak homes are not plumbed and residents use honeybuckets for waste and haul household water from the local washeteria. Some members of the community also utilize seasonal rainwater and ice melt. A sewage collection system for all homes is currently planned and has been funded.

Residents use snowmachines and dogsleds in the winter and small boats in the summer to travel to Bethel and other area villages. Once or twice a year, barges deliver goods to the community, and the State of Alaska maintains a gravel airstrip that is used by personal and commercial aircraft.

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