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Atmautluak is a traditional Yup’ik village that lies on the west bank of the Pitmiktakik River in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. Almost a hundred families make the village their home, and most practice a subsistence lifestyle that is supplemented by seasonal or year-round work.

The village was originally settled in the 1960s, although Yup’ik people have been utilizing the rich natural resources in the area for generations. A city was incorporated in 1976, but was dissolved in favor of a traditional village council government. Atmautluak is an alcohol-free village, and both the sale and the import of spirits are prohibited.

Funds have been requested to conduct a Master Plan for future infrastructure development, including a new landfill. Currently, no homes in Atmautluak have plumbing, but electricity is provided through Atmautluak Joint Utilities.

During the summer, residents use skiffs to travel to Bethel and other villages along the waterways. A winter trail exists to Nunapitchuk, and ATVs, snow machines and dogsleds can be found traversing the area during this time of year.

The village site was chosen because of its position on high ground, which prevents flooding, as well as the wide variety of rich natural resources in the area that are utilized for subsistence.

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