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2013 Calista Corporation Shareholder Annual Meeting Results

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Sept. 30, 2013


Calista Corporation Annual Meeting Results


(Anchorage, Alaska) – Calista Corporation announced today the results of the 2013 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, held Sept. 28 in Bethel, Alaska. More than 5,800 Shareholders voted by proxy and more than 400 people are estimated to have attended the first annual meeting in Bethel in 31 years. Shareholders voted on the election of three board directors, three binding resolutions and three advisory resolutions. A total of 55.2 percent, or 694,982 votes, of all outstanding shares were cast for this meeting.


Within each unit, the director receiving the most number of votes cast is the elected director. Directors serve three-year terms. The elected directors are as follows:

        • George Guy was reelected for Administrative Unit 4
        • Johnny Evan was newly-elected for Unit 5
        • Reelected for Unit 6 is John Angaiak


There were three binding resolutions for consideration by Shareholders. A binding resolution requires a vote in favor by a majority of all outstanding shares or 629,669 votes in favor, and not just a majority of the votes that are cast. All binding resolutions failed.


Additionally, there were three advisory resolutions. Advisory resolutions are non-binding but provide input to the board of directors from voting Shareholders. The advisory resolutions and results are as follows:

        • Amend the Calista Corporation Bylaws to Timely Release of Annual Meeting Minutes  (424,785.7028  in favor; 124,972.7349 opposed)
        • Amend the Calista Corporation Election Policies and Procedures to Change Shareholder Resolution Requirements (272,395.2783 in favor; 267,187.0443 opposed)
        • Amend the Calista Corporation Articles of Incorporation to Issue Certain Classes of Post-ANCSA Shares of Stock (372,702.2685 in favor; 144,944.0454 opposed)


“Perhaps the most significant result is the vote concerning Descendant enrollment,” said Calista Corporation Board Chairman Willie Kasayulie. “While the shareholders present in person or by proxy clearly favored the resolution, it garnered less than 30 percent support of the outstanding shares. We will be carefully analyzing the matter considering it will take considerable human and monetary resources to move it to a final binding vote. If the Calista Board decides to put the measure on next year’s annual meeting ballot, it will require more than 50 percent support of the outstanding shares to pass.”


Until the next annual meeting, Calista staff will provide the Board of Directors an analysis of the process of Descendant enrollment so that a full and informed decision can be made.


The Board’s decision will be communicated with Shareholders in the coming months.


Calista Corporation has held 38 annual meetings in 29 region communities since 1974. The Calista Region encompasses 57,000 square miles and is the second largest Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act region in land size. The land entitlement to Calista, however, is only 6.5 million acres - less than 20 percent of the land area. Approximately 75 percent of the land within the Region is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service. Most of the remaining lands are owned by federal and state governments, with a very small amount privately owned. Surrounded by mostly federally owned lands, the Region is about the size of New York State. It encompasses nearly 10 percent of Alaska’s land area and is comprised of 56 federally recognized tribes.




The second largest of the original 13 Alaska Native Corporations, Calista Corporation was established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 and represents more than 12,500 Shareholders. The Calista region encompasses more than 6.5 million acres and includes 56 villages, which are incorporated into 46 individual village corporations. Since 1994, Calista has provided more than $3.2 million in scholarships and since inception more than $22.3 million in dividends and Elders Benefit Program distributions to its Shareholders and Descendants.


Calista Corporation is the parent company of more than 35 subsidiaries in the following industries: military defense contracting, construction, communications, real estate, environmental and natural resource development, and information technology and media services. Calista can be found on Facebook ( and and Twitter (

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