Subsidiary Profile

Business Overview

Who we are

Calista is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation, established in 1971 as a means of creating economic opportunities for approximately 13,000 Alaska Native Shareholders in Southwest Alaska.

Calista Corporation owns more than 35 subsidiaries, providing a variety of services including rural camp services; heavy equipment sales, rental and service; both rural and urban construction including heavy civil and arctic construction; environmental remediation, range reclamation and natural resource development; ocean and shallow-draft river marine transportation; real estate investments; telecommunications, cyber security and cloud technology; military defense contracting; and much more. When you do business with Calista, you have access to a network of companies that are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services at the greatest value.

The Region

The Calista Region includes the villages of the Lower Yukon River, the Central and Lower Kuskokwim River, Nunivak Island and the coast of the Bering Sea from the mouth of the Yukon River to Cape Newenham. The entire area encompasses over 58,000 square miles. No roads connect the 56 remote villages in the Region, making them only accessible by boat, plane, snowmachine or four wheeler.

The Culture

The Calista Region includes 56 villages, which are incorporated into 46 individual corporations. Eighty-two percent of the population is all or part Alaska Native and the Region’s Yup’ik, Cup’ik and Athabascan societies are some of Alaska’s most intact Native societies. Many of the Region’s residents practice a traditional lifestyle, speaking their Native language, performing cultural customs and practicing a subsistence way of life.

Vision Statement

An Alaska Native Corporation that is the standard for economic success and corporate responsibility.

Mission Statement

Increase Shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, execution and financial discipline.

Calista Fact Sheet

VIew the Calista Corporation Fact Sheet. Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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