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Letter to Rep. David Eastman

May 5, 2017

Rep. David Eastman,

First, Calista Corporation appreciates and thanks you for your service in the U.S. Army, as a first responder, and volunteering. These activities are models for all Alaskans.

However, Calista is appalled by your recent comments suggesting that women "try to get pregnant so that they can get a free trip to the city" or that women intentionally seek abortion travel for leisure purposes. These types of statements are particularly offensive since they were made as part of a resolution to make April 2018 Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

When it comes to awareness of sexual assault and child abuse, and sharing resources for prevention and healing, facts matter. Calista encourages you to speak with organizations that advocate for these victims. That one-third of adult women in the Municipality of Anchorage have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. And that number doubles for all adult...

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Enrollment Info Posted

Original: December 30, 2016

Updated: May 15, 2017

Camai! Calista Corporation is now providing and accepting enrollment applications from Descendants of original Calista Shareholders and Alaska Natives who were eligible to enroll as Shareholders in 1971 but did not. We have opened enrollment for these two new classes of shares. We anticipate that new stock will be issued in December 2017.

The quickest option is to apply is online. Fillable PDF applications are now posted. A paper application can be requested from the Enrollment Team. 

Visit for all the latest information and news. Get details on:

Eligibility Criteria Necessary Verification Documents How to Apply Cash Drawings And more

For all current Shareholders and future Shareholders, we at Calista encourage each of you to be engaged. Stay up to date on Calista's activities and keep informed...

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