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First-ever Akilista Fund Dividend


Oct. 23, 2014

Calista Corporation Provides First-Ever Investment Fund Dividend

Akilista Fund Established To Provide Perpetual Dividends

(Anchorage, Alaska) - Calista Corporation's Board of Directors this week approved the first-ever Akilista Fund dividend. The total distribution is $1.62 million. This investment fund distribution supplements dividends based on Calista's operation. Including Calista's operational dividend mailed in April 2014, the total dividends for the year is $6.27 million.

At 12,900 individuals, Calista has one of the largest populations of Shareholders among the Alaska Native Corporations. This Akilista Fund distribution equates to $1.22 per share. Checks are expected to be mailed out by the close of business Friday, November 14.

"Calista's Board of Directors established this investment fund to provide a perpetual and sustainable source of dividends for our Shareholders," said Calista Corporation...

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Paskvan new General Counsel


Dec. 19, 2014

Calista Corporation Welcomes Paskvan as General Counsel

Bonnie Paskvan Brings Extensive Alaskan Experience

(Anchorage, Alaska) - Calista Corporation is pleased to announce Bonnie J. Paskvan as the new General Counsel. As Calista's lead counsel, Paskvan will work closely with its subsidiaries, executive leadership team and the Board of Directors. She is responsible for meeting and addressing Calista's wide breadth of legal and compliance needs for the Corporation and its more than 35 subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Paskvan previously served as The Alaska Wireless Network's Vice President and Senior Legal Counsel. Additionally, she was Corporate Counsel for GCI and its subsidiaries for more than two decades.

"Calista will fully utilize Paskvan's legal and business development experience in the technology industry, and her work with state and federal regulators," said Calista Corporation President/CEO Andrew...

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